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Buying a software is not all... you have to be sure that it will function a long time and completely.

Thus, discover our support offers :

Abm2000 Sbe subscription: 60 days following installation, 3 incidents

Pro subscription: for CCS and ICC pack, 1 year following installation, unlimited incidents by fax and Web, minor updates.

Assistance subscription: optionnal for CCS and ICC pack, 1 preventive maintenance per year (1/2j, displacement exclude), Fax access, Web 7/24, telephone 50 hours per week with recall and assumption of responsibility under 4 hours, minor update and preferential access to the major updates.

Comparative competitive analysis of the support services

Comparative of the services in maintenance

 AbmUpdate PRO  Premium
Keep your software up to date
Yes Yes Yes
Direct access to support staff (using direct phone number) No No Yes
Access to Builtin Board Yes (Read) Yes Yes
Maximum support handling time
None 4h 2h
Support staff recall in the event of unavailability at the time of your call No No Yes
Annual preventive visit on site No No Yes
CD upgrade sending time 1 month 2 weeks immediate
updates downloading access Yes Yes Yes
15% discount prices for new options purchase No No Yes
Cost for telephone support 40€ / 1/2h indivisible Free Free
Cost for necessaru intervention Invoicing at the day + journey  Expenses related to displacement Expenses dependent on displacement
Annual cost
 2900 FHT/year 9% software costs 14% software costs