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Structure and Ergonomics:

Full windows application 

Multiuser over network (or single-user)

Client/server database by Tcp/Ip protocol

Data Access via Intranet/Extranet/Internet

Available on all Windows 32 bits platforms

user-friendly interface with multiviewport


Integrated online help

Copy/Paste between Windows



Users management

Exclusive hierarchical system

More than 70 access controls

Automatic signature of the messages and/or appointements

Signature of filings

In option: identification by card reader to chip

Optional encoding of the local files

Optional encoding of the communications networks


Definitions of the files

Management of the files customers

Management of the instructions permanentes/temporaires

Attachment of contacts to the instructions

Definition of temporary instructions at validity date with filing and automatic purging

Pagers by unlimited file numbers

Kobby®, Tamtam®, Alphapage®, Biplus®, Opérator®

Sending of minimessages on telephone Gsm Itineris®, Sfr® and Bouygues®

Definition of automatisms by files (sending of fax, recall to the operator...)

Automatic resumption of the messages not sent in case of unavailability

To 10 standard diaries per file with retention periods

A number of crenels in the diary: 1 per minute (either 1440 appointment per day!)

User-friendly management of the diary to the keyboard or the mouse (selection of groups, modification per block)

Choice of the color and a comment for each crenel

Fast and protected generation

Flow charts with fastenings of file and mailing list

Scripts of processing of call ensuring the definition of form zones of data entries and choice

Management of the supervisions of files with access control to supervisor


Processing of the calls

Management of the ergonomic call with contextual bar of buttons

Indication of the number of simultaneous calls for the same file

Stop watch of processing time of call with definable warning signal of going beyond by file

Identification of appealing by management of the contacts

Automatic selection of the file and the contact (with CTI)

Disengaging by file of the automatic identification of the contact (transfer of call since Numéris installation)

Automatic display of the history of the calls of the contact identified

Instantaneous access to the instructions temporaires/permanentes

Search of instructions and information by key words

Management of appealing (contacts) with enriched cards

Search for cards contacts by name, company et/où telephone number

Automatic identification of civility

Automatic Postal Code / Common relation

Management of the messages individualized by file or mailing list according to flow chart

Help with the drafting of the messages by definable usual sentences by the user

Complete management of the diary

Appointment management with detailed card: name, reason and/or lasted, new customer, name of the author...

Cancellation and displacement of appointment with or without invoicing of call

Préemptive management of the conflicts during the movements of diary

Authorized simultaneous multiple displacements

Seek first go available

Search for existing appointment

Waiting list on complete diary

Display from 1 to 7 days simultaneous

Management of the visits with or without quota

Management of the specific modifications of planning

Tri automatic of the calls according to their nature

Sending of the calls on standby by telefax with the request with automatic invoicing

Random access to the files of the calls

Random access to the card file of the customer

Integration of Internet Explorer® for use of system data processing distant (forms, access to the data bases...)

Systematic sending of the calls taken by fax and/or radio electronic mail

Systematic generation of outgoing call after data entry of a call


Distant access:

Access by videotex terminal

Until 255 ways

System with fault tolerance per distribution of the access

Asynchronous access via modem or network via Intranet/Extranet/Internet

Management of the messages

Sending of instruction

Management of the diary

On line help integrated

Protection by identifier and password

Access by interface Web (Internet To explore, Netscape Navigator, WebTV...)

Interface Web user-friendly and universal

Protected access

Update in real time of the data (diaries, messages...)

Search for information in the file starting from the name of a contact

Sending of telefax and message

Sending of instruction

Sending of the messages / diary by telefax

Until 255 telefax simultaneous

System multi-heading

Outline WYSIWYG with the screen (What You See Is What You Get: What you see is what you will have) with several levels of zoom

Automatic invoicing of the sendings of telefax



Automatic invoicing of the telephone taxation of outgoing calls and abutments (with CTI and according to PABX)

Individualized management of the accounts by file

Management of articles per quantities and/or in time

Indication of the number of received calls (if connection CTI), of the number of treated calls

Indication of time spent to treat the calls and of the processing time customer (ex:communication of the appointments).

List services


Functions the various ones

Corrector of orthography available everywhere


General statistics of calls, by service, file, user

Management of telephone taxation with search multicriterion and management report

Purge automatic

Permanent system of backup

Choice of information to be backed up and periodicities

System of management of the windows with hierarchical sight

Communication system by mini message inter station