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Abm2000 is available in various packages:

Abm2000 CCS (Call Center Solution)

Made up of a licence 5 agents, 4 accesses asynchronous videotex terminal and 2 accesses videotex terminal TCP/ip, version CCS is intended for the télésecrétariats wishing to migrate towards a complete information processing system open on outside. This version has the Premium assistance.

Abm2000 Icc (InterNet Call Center)

Composed of a licence 5 agents and a Web2000 licence, version ICC particularly intends for the centers calls managing customers of companies or for the secretariats in urban environment. Like its counterpart CCS, the Premium version of the assistance is included in this version.

Abm2000 SBE (Small Business Edition)

Made up of a licence 1 agent and a licence Minitel2000 1 access asynchronous, this single-user version, monovoie allow small structures to enter a world reserved formerly to large. It is delivered with an assistance 60 days / 3 incidents.

Which hardware for my company:

Versions CCS and ICC are structured around a data base of the client/server type.

It is thus necessary to distinguish the server (that which provide the principal functions) and the workstations.

Below 3 stations, the server is not inevitably dedicated. That can be the same station which will ensure the role of server and which will accomodate un/une opérateur/trice.


Computer of the type Pentium III, 64Mo of memory minimum, hard disk of 4 Go, Screen 15 ". The operating system can be Windows 95/98 but Windows NT (Workstation or Server) or Windows 2000 is recommended.


Computer of the type Pentium II, 32 Mo of memory, hard disk 1Go, Screen 15". Windows 95/98/nt.

Well on, more the screen is large, more comfort of work is significant. A resolution of 800x600 256 colors on a screen 15" is a minimum. However, a screen 17" with a resolution of 1024x768 256 colors is preferable.

Each module (Agent2000, Minitel2000, Web2000, Fax2000, Pager2000, Isi2000 can independently take seat on the server or a workstation. It is even possible to duplicate certain function (Web, Fax...).

Dimensioned network, anything simpler: Abm2000 communicates with sound server by using the protocol Tcp/Ip (standard Internet). Thus, more concern with the number of licence network. Moreover, the parameter setting is easier.


Version SBE is a single-user solution.

To work in the maid conditions, Pentium III with 128 Mo of memory is recommended. The hard disk will have to be of a capacity minimum of 4Go. A screen 17 " is preferable. An operating system of the Windows NT type or 2000 is desirable for obvious questions of security.