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Abm has been, for 10 years, the preferred software solution of the French Telephone Answering service and Telemessaging companies.

With nearly 200 licences, 800 agents, 18000 end-users and 25 millions handled calls each year, the robustness and the adequacy of our solutions is not any more in doubt.

But to approach the new millenium, we wanted to bring new tools and new services for our profession.

After nearly 3 years of development, Abm2000 is our today(s answer to tomorrow's needs.

Based on several modules, the Abm2000 solution is extremely flexible, powerful and easy to use.

The Agent2000 module will allow processing of incoming phone calls. Coupled with Isi2000 the file of the called customer will automaticaly bring up to your screen.

In order to relieve your telephone switchboard and all your employees, your customers can access their files (calls, appointement, orders...) automatically using the BBS/Telnet/Videotex server. Best of all, anywhere in the world, by simply typing your Internet address, the Web2000 will show them their messages and will allow them to update their diary, the whole in real time. Well on, you will also be able to send all to their information by fax with Fax2000 or on their pager using Pager2000

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