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Welcome on the Abm2000 Web Site

Based on more than 10 years experience, ABM softwares has forge an image of reliability, evolutionarity and market adequacy. While treating more than 25 million calls a year for 18000 end-users, ABM solutions are today the only reliable answers to the telephone answering service and telemessaging industry needs.

In work since nearly 3 years, you now will discover the brand new generation of telephon greeting and management software.

During the development of this new solution, our goals were:


As for the preceding line of product, we worked the application in its least details.

While improving the user interface, we made it more complete, more flexible and much more powerful.

Zero Administration

The system doesn't requieres almost any administration. The subjacent database system, famous for its reliability, does not require any data-processing knowledge.

Reduction of the total cost of ownership

Conscious that training is a major element of telephone greeting, we built Abm2000 to be accessible to all and especially with the not-data processing specialist.


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